What Makes Someone Persuasive via The Art of Deceit

Episode #9: What Makes Someone Persuasive

Today on the podcast, we’re talking about being persuasive (what it is NOT, and what it really is), a couple key components of any attempt to persuade, and finally, six tactics to help someone break free of their unproductive thinking habits. I’m going to show you a better way to be persuasive.

Persuading people is so easy, though, right? You just, you know, get up in their face and go off on a long, blustery monologue…oh, wait. No you don’t. Real persuasion is so much more than just making someone see something your way!

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Some highlights from today’s episode on persuasion:

  • The worst ways you can try to be persuasive–the dogmatic jerk and the unpersuasive chicken.
  • How do we define persuasion? How is it different from influence?
  • A better way to persuade: helping someone break free from mental prison.
  • Two key components to include in every debate, which include a Biblical model for reasonable speech and a solid foundation of information
  • Six ways you can practice persuasion, starting right now. From asking “The Magic Question,” to re-framing issues altogether, there are plenty of actionable things you can take from this episode.

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