Discussing the Appeal to Hypocrisy via The Art of Deceit

Episode #8: “You, too!” Discussing the Appeal to Hypocrisy


On today’s episode of the AOD podcast, we’re going to be talking about the Tu Quoque or Appeal to Hypocrisy fallacy, where an accused person tries to turn the accusation back on their accuser (basically, “the pot calling the kettle black”).

You know those moments when you correct your younger sibling on one of their bad habits, like leaving out dirty towels or staying up way too late, and they say “Nuh-uh! You do it, too.” Does that “you, too” sound familiar? Well guess what! That’s actually a fallacy and one that we are gonna talk about today.

We will cover it’s definition and mechanics, its’ history, and some different responses you can make when you encounter one.

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What we talk about on today’s episode on the appeal to hypocrisy:

  • A brief history of the phrase “tu quoque”….and it’s an interesting one.
  • A definition and explanation of the appeal to hypocrisy
  • Real-world examples of this fallacy from Facebook, politics, and a discussion between me and my younger brother
  • Why tu quoque is NOT a comparison and is NOT gaslighting
  • Several different ways you can respond when someone uses an appeal to hypocrisy against you

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  1. This was so interesting!! Loved learning a new term and have it explained in great detail!! Great job!!👍🏻

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