Questions and Resources for College Students via The Art of Deceit

Episode #7: Questions & Resources for College Students (last episode of the back-to-school series!)

Welcome to the third and final episode in our back-to-school miniseries! Today we’re going to go over six evaluative questions you can ask when something seems a little fishy in the college classroom, and I also give you guys a list of five resources that have helped me immensely over the years as I learned the power of logical thought. 

We’re probably all going a little bit nuts getting ready for the Fall semester, but let’s take a few seconds to pause and make a game plan for keeping up our critical thinking skills while we’re away at college this year. The resources I give you guys are almost all quick, fun things you can incorporate into your everyday life to stay sharp and logical. 😉

Let’s crush this school year, y’all!

Some highlights from today’s episode:

  • Six questions to ask when you are evaluating ideas and statements
  • Why these questions help you think through things you aren’t sure about, without immediately rushing to respond
  • How I challenged my professor’s views on Marxism in the Soviet Union
  • Resources that I wish I had had before my first semester of college

Resources mentioned:

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