Staying in Control of Your Emotions via The Art of Deceit

Episode #6: Staying in Control of Your Emotions

Losing control is no fun.

You know how it is–either your fear or your anger gets so overwhelming that you do or say irrational, embarrassing things. In this episode of AOD, we’re going to talk about what happens in your brain when you become frustrated or scared, what you can do to compensate for this natural reaction, and finally how to choose your battles carefully when you have your emotions under control. 

This week’s critical thinking exercise is called survival breathing and is a practical everyday skill that also enhances your reasoning abilities. 

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(WHEEEE control your emotions, or else.)

Some highlights from today’s episode on how to control your emotions:

  • What happens to your body and brain when you become afraid or angry
  • Why controlling your emotional reactions is a huge key to improving your critical thinking skills
  • Practical steps to stall for time in an argument so you can practice some deep-breathing and relaxation techniques
  • How to choose your battles in a smart way once you have your emotions under control
  • An introduction to survival breathing/box breathing

If you want to read up on the 16-second survival breath, visit this article for more information. If you want a visual tutorial for how to practice this breathing technique, this video is a good one to follow along with.

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