Labels are the Ultimate in Lazy Thinking via The Art of Deceit

Episode #5: Labels are the Ultimate in Lazy Thinking

Welcome to episode #5 of AOD! Today we’re talking about labels, an offshoot of the Ad Hominem (or Personal Attack) fallacy. A lot of the time, labels are used to discredit and shut down the arguments of an opponent, dismissing them without even the slightest consideration. 

We’re going to cover some common labels, if it’s okay for YOU to use them, and how they can either enhance or detract from an argument. 

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Some things you don’t want to miss from today’s episode on labels…

  • How labeling is literally taught in schools to circumvent the critical thought process
  • Why cognitive dissonance plays a key role in this particular method of faulty reasoning
  • Why “White Fragility” is the perhaps inevitable destination of all labels that are taken too far
  • When and how you can use labels to enhance your arguments
  • How to not be upset when this tactic is used against you

Read this article on “Un-Doing the Miseducation of Millennials” that I talked about on today’s show. It’s a quick read but full of great information.

If you haven’t completed last week’s critical thinking exercise, be sure to check out this list of obnoxious fallacies to add to your Fallacy Inventory.

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