The Illusion of the Strawman via The Art of Deceit

Episode #4: The Illusion of the Strawman

Props for creepy titles, right? I thought so. In today’s episode of AOD, we’re tackling the Strawman Fallacy up close and personal. This common fallacy infects many arguments, creating the illusion of refuting an argument by blowing an opponent’s views vastly out of proportion in order to make it easier to tackle.

Sound familiar? You’d be surprised how often this bit of weak argument is used, and odds are, you have probably used it yourself.

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Some other highlights from today’s episode on the Strawman Fallacy include:

  • Why do people commit this particular bit of faulty logic, anyway?
  • Two great examples from politics and social justice that we see everyday.
  • Several strategies for taking on the Strawman Fallacy, as well as several ways you can personally avoid committing it.

Click here to see the three fallacies mentioned in this week’s action step!

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