Taking the Power out of Personal Attacks via The Art of Deceit

Episode #2: Taking the Power out of Personal Attacks

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In today’s episode of The Art of Deceit, we’re talking about the scariest fallacy of all: the Ad Hominem fallacy (a.k.a., Personal Attacks). Full of good examples and plenty of voice cracks, this episode is packed with information!

I’m going to show you what the Ad Hominem is, what it looks like, and some ways you can respond to it. This week’s action step is going to help you get past your fear of personal attacks through exposure therapy…but don’t worry, it’s probably not what you think!

Highlights from Today’s Episode on Personal Attacks Include…

  • Walking through examples from the New York Times, online memes, and other real-world scenarios
  • When an Ad Hominem could be relevant to an argument
  • Saul Alinsky’s powerful use of ridicule to silence his opponents
  • Three basic tools you can use to fight back against personal attacks
  • A great action step to simultaneously help you learn to spot Ad Hominem fallacies while also getting over your fear of them

Resources Mentioned:

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  1. Well presented; thought provoking. Will work on implementing the tools that you presented in this episode.

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