An Overview of the Special Pleading Fallacy via The Art of Deceit

Episode #19: “That doesn’t apply to me!” — An Overview of the Special Pleading Fallacy

Today we’re doing an overview of the Special Pleading Fallacy. In a nutshell, it is the exemption of a person or premise from a generally accepted rule, without justification for the exemption. Or, in other words: an exception to the rule…because reasons. (Anyone? Anyone?…well, I thought it was kind of funny.)

We’re going over a more in-depth definition of this fallacy, several very relevant examples of it in the real world, and lastly, some good questions to ask in response to a Special Pleading fallacy. It’s a nice way to kick off Thanksgiving week, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Have a blessed and restful Thanksgiving, you wonderful people! Your support is what makes this podcast possible. Now go have some pie!

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Some highlights from today’s episode on the Special Pleading:

  • A completely shameless plug to get you to sign up for my awesome monthly fallacy wallpaper! Every month I send out a new wallpaper with a short lesson as a preview for the fallacies coming up on the podcast. You can sign up using the handy form on the right!
  • A quick definition of the special pleading and why more relativistic people are particularly prone to this one
  • Why this college in Massachusetts thinks it’s okay to re-institute segregated dorms for its students…because reasons!
  • Four simple questions to ask someone who is committing a Special Pleading, and why you should also use them on yourself
  • Why role-reversal is key to spotting this fallacy

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2 Replies to “Episode #19: “That doesn’t apply to me!” — An Overview of the Special Pleading Fallacy”

  1. So disappointed. You took the richly interesting subject and used it to let off political steam. Anyone truly interested in getting the point across to the public could have found examples that steered WAY around anything hinting of political bias. Either you used logical fallacies for your own agenda or you were too lazy to find some really good, really illustrative examples. Your continued venting on the liberal left and the mainstream media was such a distraction. Such a shame. I really had my hopes up.

    1. Hey Greg! If you had listened to the whole podcast, you would have heard my disclaimer saying 1) I have no problem with liberals or Democrats (I have many friends and family who are left-wing and they’re all great) but I DO have a problem with liars, and 2) if the roles had been reversed and it was predominantly Republicans breaking their own rules, I would call out their hypocrisy as well. Additionally, I think I would be remiss if I neglected to point out fallacies specifically in politics, since it is a very (veeery) rich resource for this kind of thing and it has a large impact on our lives. I deliberately choose examples in REAL life and try to avoid fictitious ones…it is honestly unfortunate that politics is where I find a ton of examples, but it is what it is. I addressed both of these things which you would have heard if you had listened to the entire episode. You WOULD be correct on one thing: I loathe the mainstream media. Thanks for noticing! 🙂

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