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Episode #18: Interview with Hans Bluedorn, author of “The Fallacy Detective”

On today’s extra-special episode, we’re welcoming Hans Bluedorn, author of “The Fallacy Detective” onto the show! 

Hans and I discuss why he and his brother decided to write this book specifically for young adults, how learning to think critically has helped him in his own life, and how lack of reasoning skills has influenced our political and social climate in a negative way. 

Hans has published several books, including “The Fallacy Detective” as well as “The Thinking Toolbox,” which we discuss quite a bit on today’s episode. He also recently published a children’s book, “Archer and Zowie,” where two kids face off with a murderous microwave oven (I know–totally crazy and awesome and I am so on-board with it already).

You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. More podcast platforms to come!

Highlights from today’s interview with Hans Bluedorn, author of “The Fallacy Detective”:

  • We discuss Hans’ background as a homeschooler in the 80’s, way before homeschooling became as widely recognized as today
  • How the Y2K hysteria of 2000 led Hans and his brother to write “The Fallacy Detective”
  • Why logic is about thinking about the way YOU think and why, not about pointing out the flaws in others’ reasoning
  • Why “The Fallacy Detective” was written for kids and teens, instead of adults
  • How we are actually not as objective as we think, and our thinking is mostly emotional no matter how hard we try
  • Why humility is the key ingredient to learning about critical thinking, logic, and fallacies

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  1. I enjoyed this talk! We sure need as much logical thinking as we can get these days! My 13 year old daughter is just beginning the Fallacy Detective and it’s her favorite part of the day – thank you!

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