The Red Herring Special via The Art of Deceit

Episode #14: The Most Distracting Episode Ever – The Red Herring Special!

Happy Monday! Today, we’re discussing the Red Herring fallacy. Let’s get distracted, shall we?

The Red Herring is a classic argumentative tactic used to distract from a topic or to avoid a question. The sneaky thing about this fallacy? It’s like a chameleon, taking on many different forms and shapes but deep down, it’s always the same.

We’re going to talk about the different combinations of Red Herrings that are out there, walk through several relevant examples, and equip you to not only spot them elsewhere but to know how to avoid committing them yourself. Let’s go!

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Some highlights from today’s episode:

  • An overview of the Red Herring fallacy, how it got its name, plus explanations of what it IS and what it is NOT
  • Examples from politics and the media on use of the Red Herring paired with other fallacies for the ultimate faulty reasoning trap
  • How to avoid committing Red Herrings, and what to do when you come across them…or, when people’s comments just seem a little FISHY. *rimshot*
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