Media Mind-Reading Mania via The Art of Deceit

Episode #13: Media Mind-Reading Mania

Mind-reading isn’t just for cheap party tricks. Did you know that it is also a legitimate argumentative tactic?

Mind-reading occurs when someone feels the need to control both sides of the debate–when they run out of things to say or don’t have any arguments left, they try to tell you what you’re really saying, what you really mean, or what the real effects of your words are. But what are the odds that a total stranger knows what’s going through your head? They’re pretty astronomical.

In this episode, we’re going to go over the psychology and definition of mind-reading, a couple of in-depth but highly relevant examples, and we discuss what you can do when someone is trying to tell you what you’re really thinking.

Once you listen to this episode, you won’t approach debates the same way ever again!

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Highlights from today’s episode:

  • Why mind-reading is actually a form of cognitive distortion
  • A few trademarks of this tactic that are red flags to keep an eye out for
  • Why Christians cannot engage in mind-reading 
  • Examples of mind-reading that are being hyped by the media as we speak, including a quote taken from Tuesday night’s presidential debate
  • How to deal with mind-reading when it’s being used on you (hint: it involves being a little sassy)

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