The Unproductive Sunk Costs Lifestyle via The Art of Deceit

Episode #11: The Unproductive Sunk-Cost Lifestyle

“I’ve already blown my diet…may as well have dessert!” If you’ve ever said or thought this, then congratulations! You’ve received your official introduction into the topic of today’s episode: Sunk Costs.

We’re going to be discussing this unproductive thinking habit, as well as Opportunity Costs, which is an economic concept that is closely related to Sunk Costs. This episode is one big critical thinking exercise, so kick back and get ready to revolutionize your thought habits. 

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Some highlights from today’s episode on Sunk Costs and Opportunity Costs:

  • A quick overview of opportunity costs and how they work in the context of the economic way of thinking
  • Definition of sunk costs and how it works together with an understanding of opportunity costs
  • Real-world examples of these concepts and how detrimental this unproductive thought habit really is
  • How you can use your newfound knowledge to your advantage–but not in the context of a Twitter fight
  • Listen to episode nine of AOD, “What Makes Someone Persuasive?”

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