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Episode #1: Welcome to The Art of Deceit

Quick announcement: Some of the podcast platforms I am trying to work with are taking several days to review and approve my podcast for publication. For now, you can play this episode directly in your browser using the embedded player below!

Today’s episode welcomes you guys to the AoD community. I’m talking to you guys about why I made this podcast and what you can expect to learn along the way. You will get all kinds of great information, but above all, you will learn how to think.

Some highlights from the show include:

  • A quick introduction into what AoD is and why it exists
  • Avoiding the “Twitter Trap” style of arguing
  • The kinds of topics we’ll be discussing
  • A quick tip to help you to improve your critical thinking skills this week
  • How you can send in your own examples of fallacies and poor logic and any other questions you have

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  1. This was a fantastic first Podcast, Liv! You have amazing information and love your ‘weekly tip’! Can’t wait for your next episode!!

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